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Section 90


ὑπόc by (agent)90.1
σύν(σὺν χειρί) with the help of90.2
χείρ(σὺν χειρί) with the help of90.2
παράe for (agent)90.3
διάa by (agent)90.4
ἐπίu by (agent)90.5
ἐνn by (agent)90.6
ἀπόf by (agent)90.7
διάb by (instrument)90.8
ἐπίi by (instrument)90.9
ἐνi with (instrument)90.10
ἀπόg by (instrument)90.11
ἐκd with (instrument)90.12
καταχράομαιa make use of90.13
χράομαιd with90.13
παράd from (source)90.14
ἀπόb from (source)90.15
ἐκf from (source)90.16
ἐπίg upon (responsibility)90.17
ἐπί(ἐπιρίπτω ἐπί) make responsible for90.18
ἐπιρίπτω(ἐπιρίπτω ἐπί) make responsible for90.18
ἀπόj upon (responsibility)90.19
ἔμπροσθενc in the judgment of90.20
ἔναντιb in the judgment of90.20
ἐναντίονb in the judgment of90.20
ἐνώπιονb in the opinion of90.20
κατέναντιb in the judgment of90.20
κατενώπιονb in the judgment of90.20
παράf in opinion of (view-point participant)90.20
πρόςo in opinion of (view-point participant)90.20
διότιb that90.21
ὅτιa that90.21
ὡςb that90.21
ἵναc that90.22
εἰςi with reference to (content)90.23
ἐνu in (content)90.23
ἐπίp concerning (content)90.23
περίb about (content)90.24
ὑπέρb about (content)90.24
πρόςf about (content)90.25
εἰc that, whether90.26
ἔχωi content marker90.27
περιέχωa contain90.27
τύποςg contents90.28
κατάi in name of (guarantor)90.29
εἰςn by (guarantor)90.30
ἐνo by (guarantor)90.30
κατάj against (opposition)90.31
μετάf against (opposition)90.32
πρόςp against (opposition)90.33
ἐπίj against (opposition)90.34
ἀπέναντιb against90.35
ὑπέρa on behalf of (benefaction)90.36
ἀντίb on behalf of90.37
διάd on behalf of (benefaction)90.38
περίe on behalf of (benefaction)90.39
ἐπίk for (benefaction)90.40
εἰςm on behalf of (benefaction)90.41
μετάj with (benefaction)90.42
ἕνεκενc because of90.43
διάe because of (reason participant)90.44
ποιέωa do90.45
ἀποδίδωμιd do90.46
ἐργάζομαιc perform90.47
κατεργάζομαιb do90.47
λαμβάνωk do90.48
προλαμβάνωb do90.49
ἀφίημιl produce90.50
δίδωμιh cause90.51
ἔχωh cause90.51
διεγείρωb cause90.52
κινέωe cause90.53
ἐρεθίζωb cause90.55
παροξυσμόςa encouragement90.55
ἐνm to (experiencer)90.56
ἐπίh to (experiencer)90.57
πρόςe to (experiencer)90.58
εἰςl to (experiencer)90.59
μετάe with (experiencer)90.60
ἐπιτυγχάνωb experience90.61
ἀπολαμβάνωe undergo90.63
ἐπιλαμβάνομαιf experience90.63
λαμβάνωh experience90.63
μεταλαμβάνωb experience90.63
φέρωh experience90.64
ἔχωf experience90.65
συνέχωa experience90.65
πάσχωb experience90.66
ἀπέχωd experience90.67
περιέχωb experience90.69
εἰσέρχομαιd begin to experience90.70
εὑρίσκωd begin to experience90.70
ἐμπίπτωb experience90.71
περιπίπτωc experience90.71
πίπτωk experience90.71
ἐκπίπτωf experience no longer90.72
περιποίησιςa experience90.74
ἀναδέχομαιb experience90.75
πράσσωc experience90.76
τίνωexperience something bad90.77
γεύομαιc experience90.78
θεωρέωc experience90.79
ὁράωe experience90.79
βαστάζωe undergo90.80
ἐμπλέκομαιinvolved in90.81
ἐκχέωc fully experience90.82
ἐν(ἒχω μέρος ἐν) experience together90.83
ἔχω(ἒχω μέρος ἐν) experience together90.83
μέρος(ἒχω μέρος ἐν) experience together90.83
βαστάζω(βαστάζω στίγματα) experience being slave of90.84
στίγμα(βαστάζω στίγματα) experience being a slave90.84
λαμβάνωi cause to experience90.85
τίθημιg cause to experience90.86
ἐπιτίθημιc subject to90.87
πέμπωd cause to experience90.88
ἐκχέωd cause to fully experience90.89
δίδωμιi let experience90.90
παρέχωc cause to experience90.91
κομίζωb cause to experience90.92
εἰσφέρωb cause to90.93
ἐπιφέρωcause to experience90.94
βυθίζωb cause90.95
αἴρω(αἴρω ἀπό) cause to no longer experience90.96
ἀπό(αἴρω ἀπό) cause to no longer experience90.96
ἀπό(παραφέρω τὸ ποτήριον ἀπό) cause not to experience90.97
παραφέρω(παραφέρω τὸ ποτήριον ἀπό) cause not to experience90.97
ποτήριον(παραφέρω τὸ ποτήριον ἀπό) cause not to experience90.97

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