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Sections 90.56-84


M Experiencer

ἐνm to (experiencer)90.56
ἐπίh to (experiencer)90.57
πρόςe to (experiencer)90.58
εἰςl to (experiencer)90.59
μετάe with (experiencer)90.60
ἐπιτυγχάνωb experience90.61
ἀπολαμβάνωe undergo90.63
ἐπιλαμβάνομαιf experience90.63
λαμβάνωh experience90.63
μεταλαμβάνωb experience90.63
φέρωh experience90.64
ἔχωf experience90.65
συνέχωa experience90.65
πάσχωb experience90.66
ἀπέχωd experience90.67
περιέχωb experience90.69
εἰσέρχομαιd begin to experience90.70
εὑρίσκωd begin to experience90.70
ἐμπίπτωb experience90.71
περιπίπτωc experience90.71
πίπτωk experience90.71
ἐκπίπτωf experience no longer90.72
περιποίησιςa experience90.74
ἀναδέχομαιb experience90.75
πράσσωc experience90.76
τίνωexperience something bad90.77
γεύομαιc experience90.78
θεωρέωc experience90.79
ὁράωe experience90.79
βαστάζωe undergo90.80
ἐμπλέκομαιinvolved in90.81
ἐκχέωc fully experience90.82
ἐν(ἒχω μέρος ἐν) experience together90.83
ἔχω(ἒχω μέρος ἐν) experience together90.83
μέρος(ἒχω μέρος ἐν) experience together90.83
βαστάζω(βαστάζω στίγματα) experience being slave of90.84
στίγμα(βαστάζω στίγματα) experience being a slave90.84

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