And the chiefs of the people dwelt in Jerusalem: and the rest of the people cast lots, to bring one of every ten to dwell in Jerusalem the holy city, and nine parts in the other cities. And the people blessed all the men that volunteered to dwell in Jerusalem. Now these are the chiefs of the province who dwelt in Jerusalem, and in the cities of Juda; every man dwelt in his possession in their cities: Israel, the priests, and the Levites, and the Nathinim, and the children of the servants of Solomon. And there dwelt in Jerusalem some of the children of Juda, and of the children of Benjamin. Of the children of Juda; Athaia son of Azia, the son of Zacharia, the son of Samaria, the son of Saphatia, the son of Maleleel, and some of the sons of Phares; and Maasia son of Baruch, son of Chalaza, son of Ozia, son of Adaia, son of Joarib, son of Zacharias, son of Seloni. All the sons of Phares who dwelt in Jerusalem were four hundred and sixty-eight men of might. And these were the children of Benjamin; Selo son of Mesulam, son of Joad, son of Phadaia, son of Coleia, son of Maasias, son of Ethiel, son of Jesia. And after him Gebe, Seli, nine hundred and twenty-eight. And Joel son of Zechri was overseer over them: and Juda son of Asana was second {Gr. of} in the city. 10 Of the priests: both Jadia son of Joarib, and Jachin. 11 Saraia, son of Elchia, son of Mesulam, son of Sadduc, son of Marioth, son of Ætoth, was {Gr. over against} over the house of God. 12 And their brethren doing the work of the house were eight hundred and twenty-two: and Adaia son of Jeroam, son of Phalalia, son of Amasi, son of Zacharia, son of Phassur, son of Melchia, 13 and his brethren, chiefs of families, two hundred and forty-two: and Amasia son of Esdriel, son of Mesarimith, son of Emmer, 14 and his brethren, mighty men of war, a hundred and twenty-eight: and their overseer was Badiel son of one of the great men. 15 And of the Levites; Samaia, son of Esricam, 17 Matthanias son of Micha, and Jobeb son of Samui, 18 two hundred and eighty-four. 19 And the porters; Acub, Telamin, and their brethren, a hundred and seventy-two. 22 And the overseer of the Levites was the son of Bani, son of Ozi, son of Asabia, the son of Micha. Of the sons of Asaph the singers some were {Gr. in front of} over the house of God, 23 For so was the king's commandment concerning them. 24 And Phathaia son of Baseza was in attendance on the king in every matter for the people, 25 and with regard to villages in their country district: and some of the children of Juda dwelt in Cariatharboc, 26 and in Jesu, 27 and in Bersabee: 30 And their villages were Lachis and her hands: and they pitched their tents in Bersabee. 31 And the children of Benjamin dwelt from Gabaa to Machmas. 36 And of the Levites there were divisions to Juda and to Benjamin.