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Section 67.119


ἄχριa until67.119
ἄχρι(ἄχρι οὗ) until67.119
ἄχρις(ἄχρις οὗ) until67.119
εἰςq until (time)67.119
ἕωςa until67.119
ἕως(ἕως ὅτου) until67.119
ἕως(ἕως οὗ) until67.119
μέχρι(ς)a until67.119
μέχρι(ς)(μέχρις οὗ) until67.119
ὅστις(ἕως ὅτου) until67.119
οὗ(ἄχρι οὗ) until67.119
οὗ(ἄχρις οὗ) until67.119
οὗ(μέχρις οὗ) until67.119
οὗ(ἕως οὗ) until67.119

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