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LaParola Mobile 7.16.0

A free program to study the Bible with Windows Mobile

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This program is a reduced version of the LaParola program for Windows and Linux.


The program requires a palmtop o SmartPhone with Windows Mobile 2003 (Pocket PC), Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 operating systems. It also needs that at least the version 2.0 of the .NET Compact Framework is installed on the palmtop. If it is not installed, you need to download and install either the version 2.0 or the version 3.5. Windows Mobile 6 already contains the version 2.0 of .NET, so that it is not necessary to install it.

When .NET is installed, download the program and copy it to a directory of the palmtop.

You also need to copy the texts (Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, ecc.) that you want to use to the palmtop. The program uses the same files that the main program uses, which means that there are a couple of possibilities:

Note that the files with Greek or Hebrew text do not work properly, becauseWindows Mobile does not contain all the characters needed to display them.

These files for the texts need to then be copied to the directory on the palmare in which you copied the program, or (to save space) to a memory card, either in the main directory of the card of in a subdirectory called LaParola.

Use of the program

In the box at the top of the window, type what you want to view, and select the text to look in from the list under the box. If you type a Bible reference, the program shows the Bible text or the comment on the passage of the reference. If you type a word or a phrase, the program shows the note on the word or phrase (if the text is a dictionary and an entry exists on that word or phrase), otherwise it looks for the word or phrase in the selected text. You can use all the symbols to search for a phrase that are available in the main program - see the page How do I type a search expression in the help file of the program for all the possible commands.