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The city center of Trent from above

Even though I'm a born and bred Australian, I have ended up in Italy where I have been living since September 1992. To be precise, in the town of Trent, in the far north of the country - home of snow, a Council, lots of mountains and apples. Here I work for the European Christian Mission at the Chiesa Evangelica di Trento (Evangelical Church of Trent). One of the main reasons for coming to Trent was to talk with students at the University of Trent about Jesus. However I finished that ministry in 2003. Since I have been in Italy, I also developed a ministry using the computer, for example distributing the Bible electronically and creating Internet sites - see my site La Parola. I also enjoy music, playing the clarinet with the Banda sociale di LavisItalian flag, the town band), and playing chess.

The other big change in my life since I came to Italy was constructing a family. I married Pinuccia, an Italian from Sicily, in April 2004, and we have four children.

So that is what I am doing now. On this site, there is also a description of some of the things I used to do and how I ended up at Trent. Every 4-6 weeks I also send out a newsletter about my work here to whoever is interested; on this page you will find the more recent copies and how you can receive them. I also have a blog which I try to update regularly.

E-mail: info @ lаparola . net