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Sections 53.53-64

Religious Activities

G Worship, Reverence

εὐσεβέωa worship53.53
σέβασμαa sanctuary53.54
σέβασμαb object of worship53.55
προσκυνέωa worship53.56
φοβέομαιc worship53.58
φόβοςc reverence53.59
ἀφόβωςc without reverence toGod53.60
γόνυ(κάμπτω τὸ γόνυ) worship53.61
κάμπτω(κάμπτω τὸ γόνυ) worship53.61
κύριος(ὀνομάζω τὸ ὄνομα κύριου) say that one belongs to the Lord53.62
ὄνομα(ὀνομάζω τὸ ὄνομα κυρίου) say that one belongs to the Lord53.62
ὀνομάζω(ὀνομάζω τὸ ὄνομα κυρίου) say that one belongs to the Lord53.62
εἰδωλολάτρηςworshiper of idols53.64

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