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Trentino - the province of which Trento is the major city - has a tradition of bands and choirs. I first got involved with this tradition towards the end of 1999, when I saw the advertising for the lessons that the band at Trento organise every year. I choose to learn the clarinet, which is an instrument with a sound that I enjoy. (My favourite type of music for many years has been Big Band swing, where I learned to appreciate the clarinet and similar instruments). Having played the piano for 25 years, reading the music was no problem, and by January 2001 I was ready to join the band. One of the advantages of playing with lots of other people is that even when you don't know the songs (as was the case when I first started), you just need to pretend, and gradually I learnt the songs and got the courage to actually blow as well as move my fingers. Playing with a large group also means that there is no problem when you make a mistake, as everyone else drowns you out. Then in mid 2006, when I moved house and planned to stay in Lavis for some time, I decided to change bands, and now play with the Banda sociale di Lavis. For an example of our music, listen to Friends for Life.

As well as weekly rehersals, we have about 20 concerts a year, including occasional trips to other cities, even in other countries. Since it is the official town band, it is also a good way to know what is happening in the area: every time there is an important event or something needs to be opened, we get invited. Another aspect that I enjoy is that it is quite a social time, and I have made many friends with the other musicians. Not to forget getting to dress up in a great looking uniform!

Me in my band uniform