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When I left for Italy, I never thought that a part of my ministry would be computer based. Even in the first few years, I was only doing things on the computer as a hobby. But gradually, what I was doing became more and more requested, so I had to spend more and more time with the computer work. Now it is 'officially' part of my ministry.

There are two major components to this part of my work. The first is writing and distributing a computer program to study the Bible in Italian, and the second is creating Internet sites for other organisations. As a result of these two, I am known ('virtually') in the Italian computing community as some one who knows about the Bible, and thus I receive many messages about Christianity by e-mail. I try also to help others with computer problems and questions, especially friends at Trent and other missionaries, travelling to set things up for them, creating databases, and generally being a resource person.

Computer program The logo of the program

Perhaps you are aware of computer programs like Logos and Quickverse which can be used to read, search and study the Bible. For an Italian, these have the disadvantage of being in English. So my program aims to provide the same capabilities as the other programs, whilst being orientated towards Italian users. Although there are a few other such programs, mine has the advantage of being completely free - the fact that I am financially supported from outside allows me to do this.

Some characteristics of the program:

  • five Italian translations of the Bible, plus translations in many other languages, as well as the original Hebrew and Greek text;
  • a complete commentary on the New Testament;
  • a Bible dictionary;
  • a Greek-Italian vocabulary and interlinear;
  • a guide to the Bible and a guide to Christian Doctrine;
  • the ability to search and show the Bible, and create concordances;
  • a converter of weights and measures;
  • comparison of the Synoptic gospels;
  • maps and other pictures;
  • a program for the daily reading of the Bible and a screensaver;
  • very customisable, whilst maintaining the standard Windows interface.

There are also versions for Macintosh, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Internet sites

My Internet presence started with my own site, that is this one, back in 1996. At that time, there were few Italian Christian sites, and I was able to do a catalogue of all the resources available on all such sites. Then when my computer program started getting popular, I created a site just for it. Then I started getting requests to do sites for other evangelical organisations that I am a part of or that friends work with.

My other site is my site on the Italian Bible at - literally TheWord.Net. This is where I have brought together all of my computer work on the Bible, to create a Bible portal site for Italians. As well as hosting my computer program, so people can download it from that site, it is also possible to show and search the Bible, consult a commentary and a Bible dictionary, all on-line. There is also an index of Bible studies in Italian on Internet, articles about the Bible, a daily Bible reading program, and other tools to help people read and study the Word of God.