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Church logo The European Christian Mission first started working at Trent in the 1960's, with the aim of planting an independent and autonomous church. This vision has become a reality, with the church starting to run itself in 1998, and an official recognition of autonomy in March 2001. At present there are about 80 adults that attend the church services or Bible studies, led by an elder and a church committee. The church in its turn planted a new church at Rovereto in 2010.

Like most churches, its activities include Sunday services, midweek Bible studies and evangelistic events. It also has a particular vision, to plant new congregations in other parts of the province where there is currently no evangelical churches. We have already planted one at Rovereto, and identified three other areas where we would like to start new churches. In two of them - the Valsugana and Val di Non valleys - we already have a weekly Bible study group meeting. We are continuing to pray for the town of Riva. (See this map (678Kb).)

A church service Personally, my responsibilities in the church have changed over the years, as the congregation has grown and matured, and increasing governed and run itself. My preference is to do things that extend the ministry of the church, and which might not be done otherwise, and to train people in the congregation to take my place. My wife and I also work with the children in the church.