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I wanted to write a quick update before I get overwhelmed by preparation for deputation meetings. Today we had our first “official” meeting, speaking at two church services. We will have a lot of meetings for the next five weeks. In particular, this Tuesday (July 12), ECM Australia has organised a “Pray for Italy” evening, where I will be sharing for part of the time. It will be a hybrid event. For those who want to participate on Zoom, it will be from 6pm to 7pm (Sydney time) on Zoom. Alternatively, you can participate “live”, and at 7pm join in for the Italian dinner that Pinuccia will cook for everyone.

The other major speaking engagements are:

  • July 17: Crossroads North Canberra
  • July 24: Dickson Baptist (with other meetings in Canberra in the week between these two Sundays)
  • July 31: Lalor Park Anglican
  • August 7: North Rocks and Carlingford Anglican
  • August 13: Newcastle

Then on August 24 we will be returning home. If you would like more details about these meetings, or catch up with us some other time, just let me know.

Going back since the previous newsletter, it has been a hectic last month. We managed to finish the school year well. On June 6 we organised an end of year outing for the Sunday Schools of Trento and Rovereto (in part to replace the summer camp, which we could not run this year), which was a pleasant day together. We juggled all the end of year concerts and dinners, and then the day after school ended went to Sicily for a quick three day visit, to see family and friends and especially attend a party for Pinuccia’s father’s 80th birthday, and to spend one day at the beach this summer. Then it was back home for one day, and then our trip to Australia.

That trip went well, although when we arrived some of us were not feeling too well, and in fact half the family tested positive to Covid and so had to isolate for a week. In a way, I was kind of grateful for that. It was planned to be a week of resting and setting up the apartment anyway, so it was good to get Covid over and done with then rather than catching it later on, which would have created havoc with our tight schedule. And since I tested negative, I could still go out to do the shopping and make some necessary visits to some offices.

Once we were all healed and out of isolation, we headed off for the ECM Australia National Conference for five days. This was another welcome return to the past, being about to meet and talk in person with other missionaries and people interested in mission in Europe. It was both an encouraging and learning time. The children as well enjoyed mixing with others in similar situations to them. Then to conclude our time of rest and preparation before starting meetings, we had a wonderful time at my father’s 85th birthday party. After having missed both my parents’ 80th birthdays, it was good to get these two parties in this month.

As well as all that, I am continuing with my computer ministry (in particular, working on adding a new Italian translation to my site and programs) and international ECM ministry, attending a few Zoom meetings.

Some things to pray for:

  • The many meetings in the next five weeks, that they will be a help to those who hear us, especially in thinking about God’s mission in the world; and for my preparation for them all, as every meeting is always a bit different from the others.
  • Give thanks that we could finish the school year well and get done all that we needed to do.
  • Give thanks for the limited time with family in Sicily, and the extended time in Australia.
  • Pray that our first week of Covid will be the end of our experience of it while in Australia.
  • Pray for the ministry that I will be continuing with on the computer and with ECM in this period.
  • Continue to pray for the churches at Rovereto and at Trento.