Newsletter 63a - March 2008

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At the beginning of the month there was an event that marked the end of an era for me. Andrea and Carmelo have been leading the Monday night cell group since September, although I have still been attending so that they could ask my help when it was needed (although they are doing a good job by themselves). But a few weeks ago I stopped attending the studies – which also meant that Pinuccia can go to a weekly Bible study, and now she goes on Monday nights whilst I look after the children. This means that I am now no longer leading any of the groups that I started five years ago when the church set up the cell group system. A few years ago I also stopped attending the Valsugana group, which I was still running five years ago. So that area of my ministry at Trento has come to a close. I still lead one group at Trento (which is the continuation of the Bible study that existed before the cell groups were started) and the group at Rovereto which started three years ago, and well as having some overall responsibility for the cell groups and their leaders. In the next couple of months I will be talking with the leaders of the church about what I will be doing in the church after we return from Australia and the summer break in the church activities – maybe it will be the start of a new era.

One part of this will certainly be Rovereto. Last week a few of us in the church met to talk about our plans for Rovereto. It is what we call the Rovereto project, which is a part of the Trentino project for the whole province which I have written about before. Basically for the next 12 months we will concentrate on evangelistic activities in the city (monthly bookstalls, conferences and exhibitions, and cultural evenings) whilst building up the Bible study group there and getting the members at Rovereto to be more involved and more responsible for the activities there. The objective then would be, in 12 months’ time, to start a monthly service there. It is exciting to see something new like this being born, especially after almost three years working in that city and more than 10 years wanting and praying to start something there, and also the way that the church at Trento has the missionary desire to pioneer new works planting churches.

In Australia

We have booked our tickets now, and will be arriving in Australia on June 5 and leaving again on August 18. We have already quite a few requests to speak at various churches and groups, but there are still some free days. So if you are interested in having a visit, let me know as soon as possible. We are also looking for a car that somebody could lend us for the time that we are in Australia; if you know of anybody that can help us, please let me know.

Upcoming events

  • 29 March-5 April: The whole family in Spain for the ECM conference.


Stefania and Daniele having a rest.